Cyclomop Microfiber Mop Head Replacements

  • Micro Fiber Mop Heads
  • Single pack or 5pcs per pack
  • The Micro Fiber Mop Heads allow for increased water absorption and trap more dirt

Cyclomop Dolly

Adding the Dolly to the CycloMop bucket make it easy to move for large spaces.  The CycloMop bucket slides easily onto the Dolly for use and even lifts right off if you choose to lift and empty the bucket by dumping.  Each Dolly comes with 2 locking casters.

Cyclomop replacement handle

  • Heavy duty handle for increased durability
  • Easy to use dual action handle for greater efficiency

Stainless Steel Mop Head Replacement

  • Heavy duty mop head replacement
  • Stainless Steel

CycloMop Drain Replacement

  • Fast and easy draining allows for no-hassle cleanup
  • No heavy lifting, splashing, and pouring of dirty water

Scrub Brush

  • Spin brush head attachment
  • easy to clean
  • durable bristles

Water Seal Kit


Spring Kit

Stainless Steel Basket